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My name is Joe Hernandez and along with my trusty dog Monkey, my Chief Doggy Officer, I love the hunt for things that spark a memory of an earlier age, a treasured moment, an occasion where I laughed with reckless abandon and find it captured in an unique accent piece or collectible. Searching for antique or aged finds with a patina that tells a story of being well used, treasured and now discarded is what I enjoy.  Rarely do I upcycle or refurbish an item.  Displaying an item as found, chipped paint, worn finishes, tattered edges and all, is how I show respect.

Why do we buy the things we do?  Because we have to; can't resist.  We buy what we like and what we would actually put in our home.  We like an eclectic blend of mid-century modern, shabby chic, collectibles, one of a kind folk art pieces, and 50s/60s retro vibe.  We search for things that are interesting, unique, artistic and with a ton of personality.  We don't take it too seriously so we like things with a sense of humor. Perfection is boring.

Our goal is to provide you an interesting mix of items that encourages you to add a touch of whimsy to your home or office decor.  If we can help a previously discarded item find a new home, we find that a good reason to keep doing this.

Little about me:  I was looking for something to do to keep me from becoming a couch potato.  So I decided to make my hobby my job.  I'm married with two grown children and three grandchildren.  I like to write poetry and karaoke. I ride a Harley Road King Classic and have gone to every Canadian province and all but 5 of the contiguous states including a trip to Alaska.  I am a proud member of the Iron Butt Association and have received the following awards: 1000 miles within 24 hours, 1500 miles within 36 hours and 2000 miles within 48 hours.  I love to travel and my most outrageous trip was to the Amazon basin where I stayed with a tribe of Yanomamo Indians.  My most memorable trip was a tour of Israel.