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Introducing Slayleigh James Estate


Now that we have introduced ourselves I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our featured partner Alex Hill, Proprietor of Slayleigh James Estate jewelry. Slayleigh James Estate provides us with an outstanding designer jewelry collection that features the who's who of vintage jewelry such as Miriam Haskell, Stanley Hagler, Albert Weiss, Elsa Schiaparelli, Trifari, Coro, Marvella; just to name a few!

What I like about SJE is that it caters to every level of vintage jewelry lover; from the high level collector to the person who just likes pretty shiney things like me! SJE ships world-wide and if you are looking for a certain designer or type of jewelry (e.g. a coral brooch) contact our concierge service. Let them know what you'll need and they'll work with SJE without an additional cost to you.

The best way to discuss this collection is to show you some of my favorite pieces. I assure you it took some doing to narrow my selection to the following. If you are looking to collect vintage jewelry or just want to learn about it, make sure to come back often as we are adding new SJE pieces every week to our website and Alex has agreed to be an on-going guest blogger.

Up first, is a remarkable Miriam Haskell butterfly brooch. The detail on this piece is stunning. The back of the brooch is just as beautiful as the front. A vintage jewelry collection is not complete until you have a sampling of Haskell pieces. This brooch flew off the shelf and no I'm not sorry for the bad pun. 

This next piece is the most elaborate tussie mussie brooch I have ever seen. This is a diamonte and pearl brooch with rhodium plating circa 1940s and you would pin this to your clothing and add a single flower to the miniature "vase" hidden on the back.

Eisenberg pastel pink and mauve, rhinestone, brooch with their signature pave set ribbon flair.

This Stanley Hagler necklace is not for the faint of heart. It is big, bold and beautiful! SJE has several Hagler pieces coming; so keep your eye out for them.

Last but not least are Elsa Schiaparelli earrings. Schiaparelli jewelry is always bold and confident and has a luxe feel. She was a woman before her time and her jewelry is becoming very collectible and highly prized. I'm looking forward to an upcoming blog about Schiaparelli jewelry.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our favorite SJE pieces. If you have a favorite designer or look, let us know and/or share a picture with us. Happy vintage hunting!

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