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Vintage4Design: A Vintage Concierge Service!

Ever wanted help sourcing vintage items for your project, event, client, home, photo shoot/film set, rental company or retail store and not really had the time to dedicate to searching or knowledge of the best places to look for a fair price? Welcome to Vintage4Design, a vintage concierge service and collaboration between Cabootle, Slayleigh James and their large network of vintage traders, auction houses, and estate management companies.

So how does it work?

Upon receipt of our initial intake form (see below) we will send you our buyer profile to complete with a list of product categories we regularly source for people. Upon completion and acceptance into our program we’ll provide you with your buyer’s code entitling you to discounted pricing off all vintage product purchased through our network.

Our concierge service can either work with you on an ongoing basis if you want to be notified of items you might be interested in as we come across them or we can work with you on a per project basis with a set budget range and dedicated shopping list that we’ll go out and source for specifically.

As we start sourcing product we’ll create a catalog/directory of items digitally for you based on your profile or project and you will have the opportunity to transfer funds and let us know of any you’d like to purchase. As an insider you will have access to our inventory before the general public and receive discounted pricing. A helpful suggestion to aid our process is to provide us with links to any mood/design boards you’ve created with the looks you’re going for to give us a better idea of your style and so that we can hone our search efforts to suit your aesthetic. 

Once the items are purchased using a credit card or PayPal we can ship them to you immediately or if you’re buying a large amount over time we can store them and then freight periodically or in time for your project deadline to save you money. We have a shipping/logistics document we’d be happy to send to you with more detail once you register for our service.

Yes, it’s really that simple… no upfront enrollment or finder fees, great customer care from the world’s best vintage concierge and a wonderful way to save yourself time and money!

Register today by clicking on and completing our short form below:

Please fill out my form.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at vintage4design@gmail.com

*If you’re a vintage trader/auction house/estate management company interested in registering with our network and with a willingness to provide us with wholesale pricing please contact us at vintage4design@gmail and we’d be happy to talk further about having you join our team.